Dear colleagues, Theological Reflections: Euro-Asian Journal of Theology invites submissions to the journal's special issue on the theme: "Hospitality in a World of Diversity".

This special issue will include articles that consider the peculiarities of the church's life in a world of globalization and diversity. Due to migration, the flow of refugees, and the influence of social networks, foreign cultures, unfamiliar religious traditions, and various forms of social relations cease to be distant and exotic. The distance from the Other is steadily decreasing. Every Other, because of its radical difference, simultaneously attracts and repels, arouses feelings of curiosity and fear, and presents us with the challenge of choosing between hostility and hospitality. Christian communities are also challenged to learn to practice openness and hospitality towards others, to create space for people with other traditions, cultures, and identities. This task becomes acute in a pandemic situation when every Other is a potential threat, and social distancing becomes the norm.

Deadline for submissions: July 15, 2020.

Date of publication: November 15, 2020.

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