The Declaration of Jacob Arminius’ Theological Opinions in Russian: A Triple Translator’s Introduction



Here is the introduction to, and the excerpt from the text of, Jacob Arminius’ major work entitled “The Declaration of Sentiments” or, alternatively “The Declaration of an Opinion.” This is the first time that this work has been translated from Latin to Russian. The introduction explains the rationale for the translation project, gives an overview of the key sections, features, and ideas found in Arminius’ theological treatise, and, finally, explains some basic principles and methods which stand behind the translator’s work. The chosen excerpt, in its turn, presents the key theological statements Arminius made in his Declaration. His ideas on the predestination, the divine providence and grace, the human free will, and some aspects of the Christian life are offered in Russian translation with some brief explanatory comments in the footnotes. Thus, the primary source of Arminian theology is now partly available to wide Russianspeaking audience.


Jacob Arminius; Declaration of Sentiments; Arminianism; reformed scholasti- cism; predestination; God; free will

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