The Heterogeneous Global Church and Intentional Hospitality to The Other


  • Ronald MICHENER Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, Belgium



Christian diversity, cross-cultural church, heterogeneous church, homogeneous church, hospitality, interpretive differences


Globalization, combined with the current crises of global immigration, the coronavirus pandemic, and widespread racial tensions, all confront the church with critical challenges to practice hospitality both locally and worldwide. This article will challenge the homogeneous church growth model, insisting on intentional cross-cultural bridge-building, while drawing upon Anselm Min’s paradigm of “solidarity of others.” It will submit that the missionally focused church will show radical hospitality toward all marginalized people groups within and outside the local community. This requires intentional openness and humble posturing towards various cultures and differences in biblical interpretation and practice.

Author Biography

Ronald MICHENER, Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, Belgium

Ronald T. Michener, Prof. Dr., Chair and Professor of Theology, Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven, Belgium



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