Was Jesus a Zealot Sympathizer?



In his article the author discusses one of the most radical interpretations of the person and mission of Jesus, namely the position that sees Jesus as a supporter of violent resistance to Roman tyranny or a revolutionary preacher, sympathizing with the ideology and methods of the Zealots. The article is written in such a way as to introduce the reader to the main arguments of the view, its version of the central meaning of Jesus’ public ministry and preaching, and to present some problematic aspects of this theory by means of a historical and biblical analysis of its claims. The study of this issue, despite its brevity and introductory nature, will be of interest to those who are interested in the field of Christology and alternative views on the role of Jesus in the history of Israel and humankind.


Jesus and Zealots; Radical interpretations of the person and mission of Jesus; Sympathizing with the ideology and methods of the Zealots; Christology


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