The New Testament Faith of the Old Testament Righteous One: Abraham in the Letter to the Hebrews



This work examines particular characteristics of faith, on which the author of Hebrews focuses the reader's attention. Unlike other New Testament books, where faith is presented as a means for obtaining salvation in Christ, or as a necessary component for performing a miracle, the book of Hebrews depicts faith as patience and endurance, as daily "walking with God," as sojourning and constant waiting for the One who "will come and will not delay." The author of the book chooses Old Testament heroes to be examples of such faith, particularly Abraham. Analyzing the structure of the Abrahamic narrative the author of the letter presents to his readers Abraham as a hero of faith who started by faith his spiritual journey, sojourned by faith his entire life, and concluded his earthly traveling also by faith. This work shows that the faith described in Hebrews originates in the Scripture of Torah. The author of Hebrews didn't "endow" his Old Testament heroes with New Testament qualities in order to strengthen his own point, but "discovered" these qualities diligently exegeting the Old Testament texts and disclosing the intention of the Old Testament authors.


Old Testament Righteous; Abraham; Letter to the Hebrews

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