A Short Examination of the Mariology of the Eastern Orthodox Church



The New Testament contains quite meager data about the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God while in the Orthodox faith and practice Mary plays a prominent role. Because the biblical authors say about Marylittle, most Evangelical Christians are quite reserved with regard to her status in the church life. Some think of Mary even with a deep concern. But what exactly Orthodox scholars say about Mary? Do Evangelicals draw caricatures about their depictions of Mary which stem from their great sense of piety and devotion. Why Mary received such a prominence in the Early Church? In fact the biblical authors say almost nothing about Jesus’ mother. It is likely that they even show no concern about her role in the life of the earliest church. But why the church by the course of time changes its view of Mary? She becomes a focus of Christian piety and people address to her as to the EverVirgin, the Lady of the Church, the Holy Mother of God. It seems that answers should be found somewhere else, but not in the biblical texts. Such things like culture, language, and religion (Paganism) which shaped a Mediterranean mindset conditioned the way the Mediterranean started to look at this Jewish maiden.


The Virgin Mary; Eastern Orthodox Church; Mother of God; Gospel theology

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