The Historical-Teological Context of the Origin of Pentecostalism: the Holiness Movement



This article investigates the historical and theological roots of Pentecostalism, particularly the role of the Wesleyan Holiness movement as it influenced the origin of this branch of Christianity. Taking a scientific approach to the subject, the author concludes that the Holiness movement played a key role in shaping parts of the main Pentecostal doctrines, including the doctrine of baptism in the Holy Spirit evidenced by tongues. At the same time, however, research has proven that Pentecostalism did not mechanically inherit the ideas of the Holiness movement, but developed them under the influence of other powerful religious currents, such as the Keswick conventions, along with revivalism and restorationism. The purpose of this article is to examine the basic stages of the origin of Pentecostal doctrines by analyzing John Wesley’s teachings and their transformation by the main representatives of the Holiness movement, as well as the process of their reinterpretation in early Pentecostalism.


Pentecostalism; stages of the origin of Pentecostal doctrines; historical and theological roots of Pentecostalism; Holiness movement

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