The Intellectual Roots of Secularization in Post-Reformation Europe: Historical, Philosophical, and Theological Aspects of the Problem.



Today, many people are interested in the question "how we become post-secular?" To answer this question we must first answer the question of "how we have become secular?" Is common to say that responsibility for the secular image of Europe lies primarily in the Enlightenment. However, the roots of the problem a bit deeper. They can be found before the Enlightenment period - in the segment, which historians call the late Middle Ages. In other words, the origins of secularism are located in the heart of the religious - in Reformation. The reform movement has always had a clear effect secularized. Renaissance, humanism, Lutheranism, Calvinism, deism, Unitarianism - all this secularized power within Christianity. 


Secular; postsecular; unbelief; the profane; Europe; Reformation


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