Gender “Before” and “After” the Resurrection: Thoughts on Eschatological Anthropology



The issue of gender was extremely seldom, if at all, raised in the theological circles of the early and medieval church. Marriage was sanctified once more among the Reformers. However, questions of resurrection and the state of human beings following resurrection have been considered comparatively recently. In this article the author studies those passages of the Bible which have been ignored by many theologians. This concerns not only considerations of the issue of gender here on earth, but also from the perspective of what role gender will play on the eschatological horizon. Gender is directly related to Christology and to the way we understand anthropology. If Christ accepted human nature, including soul, mind, and flesh, why should we ignore gender? It seems that the discussion of sex in the eschatological context is considered taboo. Today theologians raise the question of the resurrection of a “physical man” more boldly and decisively, but the issue of gender and sex in their post-resurrection state has not been clearly raised so far. In this paper the author takes the liberty of inviting theological circles to consider anew the issues of sex and gender. 


Gender; Resurrection; role gender will play on the eschatological horizon

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