The Significance of «One Flesh» in Relation to Marriage

Katharina PENNER


This article deals with questions about the nature of marriage, the unity of spouses in marriage, and divorce as a phenomenon of the Fall, based on an analysis of the concept of «one flesh.» Primary attention is devoted to the creation of humanity and the original institution of marriage, where the phrase «one flesh» occurs for the first time. It is followed by an analysis of other biblical passages that directly refer to the expression «one flesh.» The goal of marriage is the unity of partners, which is possible due to certain covenantal conditions of leaving previous priority relationships, a strong connection between partners, and the uniting of all areas of their personalities. As marriage is a covenantal relationship comparable to the one between God and his people, the renewal, restoration and adaptation of the covenant for the benefit of each of the partners is always possible, even in the case of covenant violation.


One Flesh; nature of marriage; creation of humanity

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