Paul Tillich, s Position on Visual Arts and Architecture



In this article the major ideas of an outstanding Protestant thinker of the twentieth century are reflected, those of Paul Tillich, who successfully worked «on the border» between theology and philosophy that is typical for classical German and existential philosophy, and liberal theology. 
Tillich’s contribution to the theological-philosophical concept of art is shown, in particular his understanding of the interaction of expressionistic, idealistic and naturalistic elements in art, where preference, completely justifiably, is given to the expressive element. The thinker solves the dual functional-symbolical nature of architecture by sanctioning the contradiction between symbolical tradition and symbolical spontaneity in architecture. Paul Tillich’s consideration of discretion and continuity in architectural space, and the significance of color and light in church architecture is of great importance. Convincing affirmation of this are the architectural executions of modern, multi-purpose, public, Christian complexes such as St. Lavrenty in Stuttgart (Germany), Myyrmaku (Finland) and Graz-Zagniz (Austria) considered in the article.


Paul Tillich; Position on Visual Arts and Architecture; Christian complexes

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