What Does the Old Testament Veil hide?



At a cursory reading of 3rd chapter of 2 Cor one can get an impression that in this passage Paul opposes scriptures of Old and New Testaments. It seems that one has obvious advantages over the other. One is still covered by the veil, while the other allows one “with unveiled face to reflect the Lord”s glory.” However, detailed study of this passage reveals step by step that Paul was trying to convey somewhat a different idea. His emphasis is on the fact that the veil lies over the heart of the one reading the scriptures, and therefore it hides something from him in the scriptures. What kind of veil is it and what does it hides? This article is seeking to investigate these questions. The author not only explains the meaning of the veil, but also reveals Paul’s attitude toward the Old Testament. Besides of that, one of the author’s goals in the course of this analysis is to demonstrate, that answers on the raised questions show up in a correctly determined context. Failure to determine context correctly entails the wrong interpretation of the passage.


Old Testament Veil hide; Paul’s attitude toward the Old Testament; 3rd chapter of 2 Cor

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