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No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Reformation and the apocalypse of secularism Abstract
Mykhailo Cherenkov
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Reflection of Sola Scriptura in the Classical and Radical Reformation: Western European and Eastern European Contexts Abstract
Sergiy Sannіkov
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Comprehension the Reformation in Protestant Historiography of Early Modern Time Abstract
Viktoriya Lyubashchenko
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS “A feast during the plague”. Images of union with Christ and of the Kingdom of Heavens in the hymns of Philipp Nicolai Abstract
Anton Tikhomirov
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Protestantism and the Emergence of Human Rights Abstract
Evert Wilhelm Van de Poll
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Pietism and its Influence on the Civil Society of the Scandinavian Countries Abstract
Oksana Kuropatkina
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS The Reception of Individualism in the Epistemological Doctrines of Modern Philosophy Abstract
Varvara Samokhvalova
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Philosophy in dialectical theology and in theology of the Word of God by Karl Barth. Abstract
Maxim Pylaev
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS The Genesis of Catacomb Protestantism in the USSR (1920s – early 1940s) Abstract
Tatiana Nikolskai͡a
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Echo of Reformation: Alternative Christianity in Literature and Cinema Abstract
Elena Stepanova
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Reformation as a pathway towards integration of Slavic Baptists in Australia Abstract
Viktor Zander
No 19 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS The Evangelical and a Baptist movement in Western Ukraine in 1920s Abstract
Nazarii Petriv
No 18 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS The Search for the Convergence of the Absolute Beginning and the Doctrine of Creatio ex Nihilo Abstract   PDF
No 18 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS The sign of Ahaz: A Theological Reading of Isaiah. 7:14-16 Abstract   PDF
Vadim Yakim
No 18 (2017): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Anabaptist Teaching on Community and its Influence on the Ecclesiology of the Russian ECB Brotherhood Abstract   PDF
Viacheslav KIRILLOV
No 14 (2013): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS The Impact of Orthodox Church Tradition as Authority on the Identity and Theology of Evangelical Christians in the Commonwealth of Independent States Abstract   PDF
No 15 (2014): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Анализ риторической критики на примере 11 главы Послания к Евреям Abstract   PDF (Русский)
No 11 (2010): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Богословие Появляющейся церкви: Постмодернистская эпистемология и интерпретация Писания Abstract   PDF (Русский)
No 16 (2016): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Missionary Sending Structures in the Russian Baptist Union: the Past, Present, and Future Abstract   PDF
Andrey Kravtsev
No 8 (2007): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS О некоторых особенностях понимания крещения в русском баптизме Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Константин ПРОХОРОВ
2012: THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Церковь перед государством: миссия свидетельства и напоминания Abstract   PDF (Русский)
2015: THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS О ранней истории виленской Церкви Христиан Веры Евангельской Abstract   PDF (Русский)
No 17 (2016): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Сила и слабость Реформации в Восточной Европе Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Антоний БОКУН
No 6 (2006): THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Секуляризация как социально-философская проблема Abstract   PDF (Русский)
2015: THEOLOGICAL REFLECTIONS Влияние идей Реформации на развитие европейской науки Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Владимир ОБРОВЕЦ
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