No 19 (2017)

Theological Reflections: Euro-Asian Journal of Theology



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Reformation and the apocalypse of secularism PDF (Русский)
Mykhailo Cherenkov 13-23
Reflection of Sola Scriptura in the Classical and Radical Reformation: Western European and Eastern European Contexts PDF (Русский)
Sergiy Sannіkov 24-36
Comprehension the Reformation in Protestant Historiography of Early Modern Time PDF (Українська)
Viktoriya Lyubashchenko 37-60
“A feast during the plague”. Images of union with Christ and of the Kingdom of Heavens in the hymns of Philipp Nicolai PDF (Русский)
Anton Tikhomirov 61-70
Protestantism and the Emergence of Human Rights PDF
Evert Wilhelm Van de Poll 71-89
Pietism and its Influence on the Civil Society of the Scandinavian Countries PDF (Русский)
Oksana Kuropatkina 90-97
The Reception of Individualism in the Epistemological Doctrines of Modern Philosophy PDF (Русский)
Varvara Samokhvalova 98-111
Philosophy in dialectical theology and in theology of the Word of God by Karl Barth. PDF (Русский)
Maxim Pylaev 112-127
Echo of Reformation: Alternative Christianity in Literature and Cinema PDF (Русский)
Elena Stepanova 128-149
The Genesis of Catacomb Protestantism in the USSR (1920s – early 1940s) PDF (Русский)
Tatiana Nikolskai͡a 150-163
The Evangelical and a Baptist movement in Western Ukraine in 1920s PDF (Русский)
Nazarii Petriv 164-177
Reformation as a pathway towards integration of Slavic Baptists in Australia PDF
Viktor Zander 178-191


Alister McGrath. Christianity’s Dangerous Idea: The Protestant Revolution – A History from the Sixteenth Century to the Twenty-First PDF PDF (Українська)
Mikhailo MOKIYENKO 195-200
Martin Luther: Rebel in an Age of Upheaval. Heinz Schilling PDF PDF (Русский)
Roman SOLOVIY 200-205
Russian Baptism and Orthodoxy. By Constantine Prokhorov PDF PDF (Русский)
Andrei DUDCHENKO 205-211