No 20 (2018)

Theological Reflections: Euro-Asian Journal of Theology



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European Protestantism and the Orthodox tradition of mastering the Bible: the view of the Kiev Theological Academy professors of the ХІХ – early XX centuries PDF (Русский) PDF
Son of Man in the Gospel of John: a Critical Overview of Some Contemporary Perspectives PDF (Русский) PDF
Viktor KIRIANOV 75-86
‘Sin unto Death’ In 1 John 5:16: A Media Critical Approach PDF (Русский) PDF
Ilya MANZYUK 101-114
“I Came not to Bring Peace, but a Sword”: The Politics of Religion after Socialism and the Precariousness of Religious Life in the Russian Arctic PDF (Русский) PDF
Tatiana VAGRAMENKO 135-152
Religious Education in Public Secondary Schools: Theory, Methodology and Praxis PDF (Русский) PDF
Vitaliy PROSHAK 183-208


Edited by Cecil M. Robeck Jr. Amos Yong. The Cambridge Companion to Pentecostalism. PDF PDF (Українська)
Anatoliy Denysenko 215-219
Ivana Noble, Kateřina Bauerová, Tim Noble, Parush Parushev. Cesty Pravoslavne Teologie Ve 20. Stoleti Na Zapad. PDF PDF (Русский)
Mikhail Dubrovskiy 222-223
Timofei Medvedev. Apocalypse: Simply and Clearly about the Most Mysterious Book of the Bible. PDF PDF (Русский)
Alexander Belyaev 228-231
William R. Estep. The Anabaptist Story. An Introduction to Sixteenth-Century Anabaptism. PDF PDF (Русский)
Viacheslav Kirillov 234-236
James K. A. Smith. You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit. PDF PDF (Русский)
Denis Kondyuk 238-239
Sergei Bortnik. Komunion und person. Die Theologie von John Zizioulas in systematischer Betrachtung. PDF PDF (Русский)
Andrei Kucheriavyi 244-248
Stephen J. Reading Paul with the Reformers: Reconciling Old and New Perspectives. PDF PDF (Русский)
Rostislav Tkachenko 252-255
Peter Watson. The Age of Nothing: How We Have Sought to Live Since the Death of God. PDF PDF (Русский)
Roman Soloviy 258-260
Aleksei Prokopenko. Messengers of the Kingdom: The theology of Old Testament prophets. PDF PDF (Русский)
Vladimir Yakim 264-267
Cyril Hovorun. Scaffolds of the Church: Towards Poststructural Ecclesiology. PDF PDF (Русский)
Oleksandr Geychenko 272-275