No 21 (2018)

Theological Reflections: Euro-Asian Journal of Theology



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Methodological Developments in Biblical Exegesis: Author – Text – Reader
Archibald WIERINGEN 13-30
Development of Theological-Apologetical Discourse in Biblical Studies at Kiev Theological Academy of the late XIX - early XX centuries
Сергей ГОЛОВАЩЕНКО 43-64
Homiletics in the Kyivan Theological Tradition since the 18th till the beginning of the 20th Century: General Theory and Particular Implications
Vladimir BUREHA 65-76
Theology after Enlightenment: Between Moral and Religion (from Daniel Defoe to Martin Buber)
Oleksiy PANYCH 77-96
Philosophy of Theology as a Field of Philosophy of Religion: Determination of the Discipline Status
Hennadii KHRYSTOKIN 97-107
Epistemological Principles of Philosophical Theism of Richard Swinburne.
Fedor STRYZHACHUK 108-125
Anthropology of Religion as a Bridge between East and West: A Cultural Anthropological Distinction between Intercultural Communication and Worldviews
Pieter BOERSEMA 126-136
Methodology of Giorgio Agamben’s Critical-Political Project «Homo Sacer»
Anatolii DENYSENKO 137-151
Philosophical Hermeneutics as Scientific Approach to the Investigation of Biblical Texts
Petro HUSAK 152-157
Three-level Hermeneutics by Theodor Stylianopoulos
Andriy BOBRYK 158-166
Methodological Possibilities of the Theo-aesthetics for the Analysis of Cultural Artifacts
Denys KONDYUK 167-171
The Potential and Challenges of Empirical Research in Theology: Observations and Reflections from a Supervisor’s Perspective
Bernhard OTT 172-185
Missiology as a theological and academic discipline
Peter PENNER 186-198
Formation of Theologians through (Academic) Writing
Katharina PENNER 199-211
Mystical Experience and Interpretation: The Problem of Difference and Unity in the Essentialist and Constructivist Theories of the Twentieth Century
Anna RUDNYTSKA 212-218
“Live a Life of Experience”: A Methodological Proposal by Luigi Giussani
Mikhail FADZEYEU 219-237
The Formation of New Thinking of Student Youth
Marina ANTONETS 238-250
Modern Theology of the Nation: The Tasks, Requirements, and Methods of Its Formation
Viacheslav HORSHKOV 251-264
Motivation to learn English in theological education. A Study of Student Motivation for Learning English at a Theological Seminary in Ukraine
Joshua TOKAR 265-279