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MIKHOVICH, Leonid, Minsk Theological Seminary
MINAKOV, Fedor, Fedor Minakov, M.A.T.S. candidate, Westminster Seminary California B. Th., Donetsk Christian University; B. Th., Reformed International Theological Seminary.
MOKIYENKO, Mikhailo, The Research Center of EAAA, Lviv, Ukraine
MYKHALCHUK, Tetiana, Tetiana Mykhalchuk is a founder of the Amsterdam Ukrainian Research Institute, and an affiliated researcher of Scandinavian and German Studies at the Amsterdam School for Culture and History at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


NEGROV, Alexander, Currently he is Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Dean of Post-Graduate studies at St. Petersburg Chastain University, Honorary Lecturer of New Testament at the De partment of New Testament Science, Faculty of Theology/University of Pretoria.
NEVOLIN, Mikhail
Nikolskai͡a, Tatiana, St. Petersburg Christian University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
NIKOLSKAYA, Tatiana, Currently she teaches Church History at St. Petersburg Christian University.


OTT, Bernhard


PANYCH, Oleksiy
PARUSHEV, Parush R., Currently he is the Academic Dean and the Director of Applied Theology of the International Baptist Theological Seminary of the European Baptist Federation in Prague
PENNER, Katharina
PENNER, Katharina, Currently she teaches at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in the area of Biblical Studies and Counseling. (Czech Republic)
Petriv, Nazarii, Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv, Ukraine)
PETROV, Igor, Igor Petrov served as Senior Pastor of Kursk Grace ECB Church. Currently he teaches at Kursk Bible College and is finishing his Ph.D. in Educational Studies at TEDS/TIU, Deerfield, IL.
PILLI, Toivo, He has lectured, published articles and supervised students’ research on Eastern European Baptist history and identity.
POPOV, Vladimir, Vladimir POPOV, Master of Theology, teacher of history and theology of Moscow Institute of Spiritual Music (Tambov, Russian Federation).
PRILUTSKII, Alexander, Academic Dean of the church’s Theological Institute.
PROKHOROV, Constantine
PROKHOROV, Constantine
PROKHOROV, Constantine, West Siberian Bible college in Omsk (Russian Federation)

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