Theological Reflections; Evangelical theology; Eastern Europe

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TARASENKO, Alexander, Presently he is a Baptist pastor in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
TARASENKO, Alexander, From 1997–2000 he was an editor of the almanac Chronograph. He has taught in various Christian schools in St. Petersburg.
THEOGNOST (Pushkov), Hieromonk, Since February 2004, Hieromonk Theognost has served as deacon and later priest of Ivanovo Eparchy and lectures on the New Testament at Ivanovo Theological Seminary.
TKACHENKO, Rostislav
TKACHENKO, Rostislav (Ukraine)
TKACHENKO, Rostislav
TKACHENKO, Rostislav, Adjunct Professor of Historical Theology at Odessa Theological Seminary and Lviv Theological Seminary.
TKACHENKО, Rostislav

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